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About Us

Diligence Bio is a GLP certified preclinical contract research organization located in Pondicherry, the largest city of the Indian union territory of Puducherry. The main focus of the facility is to serve the regulatory market. The facility is in compliance with OECD Principles of GLP, certificate issued by NGCMA, DST, Government of India ( We are specialized in the testing of Agrochemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Industrial Chemicals, Cosmetic Products and Feed Additives

     Quick turnaround time.

     Effective project management for regular updates.

      Technical assistance by experienced Study Directors.


Toxicity Studies

     Acute Oral Toxicity
     Acute Dermal Toxicity
     Acute Inhalation Toxicity
     Acute Dermal Irritation
     Acute Eye Irritation
     Skin Sensitization

Mutagenicity Studies

     Ames Test
     Chromosomal Aberration Test
     Micronucleus Test
     In Vitro Cell Gene Mutation Test

Ecotoxicity Studies

     Fish Toxicity
     Oral Honey Bee Toxicity
     Contact Honey Bee Toxicity
     Earthworm Toxicity
     Algae Growth Inhibition Test
     Daphnia Immobilization Test
     Avian Toxicity

Phys-chem Studies

     5-batch Analysis
     AI Determination
     Partition Coefficient
     Viscosity & Stability
     Surface Tension
     Flash Point


      Industrial Chemicals
      Cosmetic Products
      Feed Additives
      Food Additives

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